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Central Depository System

The 360˚ Central Depository System is a robust web based application developed to address the day to day transaction handling by a Central Securities Depository or a Securities Exchange. Built on a dynamic, vibrant and secure platform, the system presents an interactive, integrated, user friendly platform on which transactions can be processed. The system is designed to accommodate all the key players in a CSD environment and to process all their day to day activities electronically whilst networked(connected) to a centralized database that enables remote transaction processing and the secure transfer of information from one depository participant to another. The entire process, for the purpose of transparency and integrity is overseen by the CSD Custodian, who is also responsible for the administration of the system.

System Description
360˚ Central Depository System is designed in a manner that explores and accommodates all processes involved in the data entry, storage, retrieval and manipulation of a CSD company. Built on state of the art technology the system is a web based multi-user application capable of handling large amounts of data exchange simultaneously. Designed specially to be implemented over a wide geographical area through the use of secure network connections such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN's) and Wide Area Networks (WAN's), the system is ideal for achieving secure electronic data exchange.