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Credit Management System

The 360˚ Credit Management system (CMS), is a state of the art, modular based software that manages the entire credit processing of any lending company it provides a business organization with the tools and information to manage and monitor all micro financing processes throughout the entire business. The System assigns each task by category, by role and allows management to oversee the process, measuring quality and productivity

Key Features of the System
The System has the following features: Simple user interface that is easy to navigate, Supports lending services e.g. Lending, Application rating, disbursements and repayments. Supports multiple and individual loan accounts, and flagging of defaulters. Supports Group Lending. The system manages new applications and repeat applications. It is able to handle loan book management and support for due payment follow ups with user generated alerts on requisite follow ups.Integrated electronic delivery methods to clients on data base through email or text messaging Interface with payment channels, like Mobile Money platforms & RTGS for loan disbursements, loan repayments.

The system Reconciles loan amount owed vs. Loan repayments paid depending on the diverse operational structures by the MFI. It is able to upload specified file formats to effect automatic repayments from e.g. SSB and client deduction files. It is also able to support multi-users across a branch network. It also has a fully-fledged Ledger Management module with option to integrate with existing accounting systems e.g. Pastel. A credit rating Module is also included in the system, which has the ability to score applicants prior to loan approvals. The system is open to integration to other business process systems as defined by end user e.g. HR modules.