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Document Management System


In an organization with sizeable volumes of paperwork, tracking and tracing document flow can be cumbersome, filing of documents is a tedious process, and there's often wastage of valuable workspace. As office space fills up, there's usually the headache of striking a balance between disposing of old records and retaining valuable information. There is a lot of sensitivity regarding the importance of information flows and consequently the interest in document management, identifying and retrieving such documents. A significant number of organizations across all market segments operate without proper document and records management systems. In response, Escrow Systems has come up with a solution for document and workflow management.

Key Features

The Document Management System provides a business organization with tools and information to manage all large volume paper-flow throughout the business set-up. The System assigns tracks each document by category, by role, etc. and allows management to oversee the process, measuring quality and productivity. It optimizes procedures, suppressing the reliance on physical paper as it is linked to a document imaging system.