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Escrow Systems Launches SACCO 24/7

Escrow Systems has released another masterpiece, SACCO 24/7 a complete banking solution of Savings and Credit Unions, better known as SACCOS (Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies). The revolutionary technology empowers SACCOs with world class capabilities, automating all administrative processes covering member management; savings and credit management; asset management; treasury management as well as full accounting capabilities.

Commenting on the launch of this exciting product, the Escrow Group Commercial Director, Mr Garikayi Munema said... "As SACCOs grow they tend expand their focus beyond just the membership drive, but start looking into enhancing their administrative capabilities; transparency, corporate governance, efficiency and innovation. The key to overcoming the issues lies in automation. The SACCO 24/7 solution provides them with just the right tools to overcome any challenges presented by their growth" SACCO24/7 integrates well with the latesttechnology such as mobile platforms and hasonline capabilities. It comes with economic delivery models which will ensure the solution remains cost-effective and attractive.