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Automated Trading System

In a stock market where dealing at the stock exchange is done manually, the ATS system presents a solution of paramount importance. This system aims to eliminate the laborious process of trading manually and introduce an era of electronic trading which enhances efficiency in trading. The benefits of which include, improved efficiency, secure data exchange, faster trading as well as an easier to manage trading process with detailed reports and statistics generated automatically. The system comes with a detachable world class surveillance module which has a robust informative dashboards for regulatory purposes.

System Description
Escrows ATS system is a web based application designed to handle trading at the stock exchange automatically. The system integrates with Escrows CDS (Central Depository System) and other CDS systems. The system is designed to automate trade by simply uploading orders placed through the CDS system then match orders between buyers and sellers in the most transparent way possible. The system is also responsible for handling the settlement process. After settlement the ATS then posts settled trades back to the CDS system for transfer of shares to take place. The system is also responsible for generating trade activity statistics such as Daily Price Sheet, Volumes Traded, Movers and Shakers, Trade Indices and Sector Reports.